How do you replace a Vista motherboard?

Ok, here is my situation;

I have a Desktop PC with Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit, the whole PC was bought together (it wasn't built at home), so I think it will have an OEM copy of Vista. I want to upgrade the motherboard and CPU on it, but not sure how to do it.
here is the PC:

and here is the Mobo and CPU bundle I want to upgrade to:

I know how to unplug all the stuff inside the computer and physically replace the motherboard, but I read somewhere that its more difficult than that, like you have to get a new license or something if your vista is OEM. What do i need to do first of all, do i need to create a backup, if so, what program do I use. Do I need to purchase Vista in one of those fancy boxes with curved sides, if so, could you give a link to the right one? Do i have to re-install windows, how and when - before installing the new mobo or after? And do you have to phone up MS?
Please provide simple but detailed instructions because i'm pretty clueless about how to do it.
Thanks very much!
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  1. I would email packard bell and ask them. Hp vista works on hp motherboards only; dell vista works on almost all boards, but you may be asked to reinstall windows when you first boot up with a non dell board. If you can't upgrade with your old vista copy, I would wait until Oct and sell the whole system intact and and get a new system with windows 7.
  2. I hate to say this, and don't take it personally, but after reading your delimma, you should just go buy a new HP, Dell, Gateway or what ever. I do not thing changing motherboards and processors, reinstalling OS's is quite what you are up to yet.

    OR, you need to enlist the help of a friend who is a little more savy, and has maybe done a couple of builds. At least someone right there with you to confide in and help you along as you do the build. If you are going to do what you say, yes you will need a new OS. I would also suggest you buy a new case, and just move things like your hard drives, and CD/DVD drives, whatever over into the new case.
    I would never suggest trying to change a motherboard in a prebuild unless it was a very high end prebuild to start with, and was built with higher end interchangeable parts. Most of the standard HPs, Dells, etc. will be built with elcheapo stuff, causes major headaches when you try to do major upgrades....things simply refuse to fit!
  3. ^Agreed. No offense OP.

    You will need to get a new case, CPU, RAM (maybe), Motherboard, PSU and re use HDD,DVD RW,etc.

    And Phenoms failed. You should be looking at the Phenom IIs or the i5/i7.

    There are hacks for enabling OEM DEll/HP Vista/XP on non Dell/HP boards but I will not tell you how as it violates TOC for THF.
  4. I started to write down your options, and the procedure is far too complex with too much risk for me to explain via posts to someone with your apparent knowledge.

    I agree with Shadow. Along with your new mobo and cpu get new memory if you need to, then re-use the other parts, and buy a copy of Vista OEM (with free upgrade to Win 7) from a local vendor. Note that you may need to replace the case and power supply if these have any proprietary connectors.
  5. Thanks for all the answers. I forgot to mention that I have already upgraded the PSU to a 650w Thermaltake, the RAM to 2 GB, and the GPU to an 8800 GTS 640. I have decided to go with a diffrent CPU (the Phenom II x3 720 Black Edition), as I have read reviews that its a good CPU at a good price. I'm on a low budget as well. The Mothercoard that I decided to go with is an ASROCK SKT-AM2 N68-S S ( ). Will these two components be a good upgrade?
  6. According to this:,2398-6.html

    Your chosen cpu should provide a noticeable improvement in gaming. Make sure you read the advice above the table.

    If you do not have a disk containing the actual OS (ie, NOT a "recovery disk"), you are most likely going to have to buy a (OEM) copy of Vista with an upgrade to Win7 included.
  7. and make SURE it includes the Windows 7 upgrade.
    (just restating that, Vista is the new Windows ME, sell your grandmother if you have to, you want 7)
  8. You know, how are you going to learn if you don't do it? Don't listen to those people trying to discourage you. Good Luck.
  9. karaP said:
    You know, how are you going to learn if you don't do it? Don't listen to those people trying to discourage you. Good Luck.

    wtf dude this is like months old..
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