Can CPU-Z Be Wrong?

Hey guys, I've seen some reports of CPU-Z getting things wrong, particularly with the CPUs. Just to be clear: if you really want to know what your CPU is, do you rely more on CPU-Z, or Windows Device Manager?
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  1. I rely on the CPU and what is etched on the CPU.
  2. When deciding between CPU-Z or Windows Device Manager, CPU-Z gets my vote every time. It is generally correct, though sometimes with ultra-new CPUs it needs an update before the info is updated in the program.
  3. CPU-Z is usually reliable but the frequency of new chips and chipsets being released, there can be issues.
  4. Updated CPU-Z, by all means.
  5. I don't understand Kraynor, I know CPU-Z only get things wrong when its database isn't updated, but how can MS Windows get it wrong?
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