WINXP I see you over there smiling

Greetings. Thanks for your time to read this.
I have done a dual boot with 98se and winxp pro.

My System:

Asus K7V
Athlon 900mhz
Geforce DDR
192 ram
Realtek NIC
7200 WD 20.4
5400 Quantum 6.4
Aureal Vortex 2 soundcard
Yamaha 16x burner
TEAC 32x cdrom
HP m70 monitor
Polk Speakers
Logitech wheel mouse-in PS/2
Microsoft natural pro keyboard

With a fresh coat of paint on the case..just kidding

After the refresh rate fix. Vortex2fix. ANd some other things that i did so late in the night i don't remember what i did. I installed CS. WEll video is running smoothly unlike before. THe mouse works fine with the acceleration deal unlike many are having. Ok well everything works fine if i do not press any keyboard buttons. If I am moving the mouse while hitting a key. THe mouse stalls out. HOwever long i hit a key the mouse will just stay in that spot. LIke STUCK. NOt just a hiccup. IT will stop where ever it is at. SO strafe firing is N/A

I have installed the keyboard drivers/software for winxp. I have installed the mouse software/drivers for the mouse for winxp. I have searched around in forums and haven't seen this problem yet.

OH and when i type ingame. THere is a lagg when I hit the key and it shows up on the screen.

Please help with any thoughts

Thank you very much for your time.

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  1. install win2000...

  2. lol sure...right after you burn me a copy
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