Would anyone help me decide on a wireless adapter?

Hi all, I've come down between these two. Not sure if I want to go usb or pci. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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  1. I recommend this USB 2.0 adapter...ht.tp://www.hfield.com/...I bought this Wi-Fire about 6months ago and i tried a few other ones but this Wi-Fire actually does its job. It's a big more costly but i rather pay for something that actually works then doesnt work ya know? All i do is plug the adapter into my usb port and idk if you are using a labtop but they made a way that you can have the adapter rest ontop of your screen display which is very nice an convenient . I am able to pick up more wireless hotspots to connect to and my signal strength is remarkably high. Check out their reviews on their website to get a feel. hope i could help. Good Luck!

  2. jdennis99, I have the wi-fire too actually. A friend i actually work with told me about it and i didnt think it would work so she let me try it out on my laptop and it was amazing that i was able to connect to my wireless access point from a good distance away. i would say at least 300ft. And I thought it would definitely slow up my internet connection but it didnt if anything it made it more fast. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.
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