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Hello everybody!
I'm seeking your help and I'll be very grateful if you could help me! I'm looking for a powerful software that will limit my own computer usage, of course on an administrator account. For example let's say from now until one month later I limit computer usage for one hour a day, since I decide and confirm my decision to the software it will be impossible to change my mind under any circumstances, until the time limit has expired. I know how to fix computer time. But I cannot find this software!!!!!! ALL softwares are made for parental control (don't word on administrator account or changed easily) but I could find no program to limit computer addicition!!! bizarre, since computer addiction is a very common problem we can find!!!

Thand for your help.
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  1. closest thing i know of is a little program built into every person called self control. try turning it on.
  2. any program doing this would be password controlled--so get some one else to set the password and not tell you what it is
  3. Last year I figured I was addicted to computers. I was going to bed really late every night, and it was screwing up my health. I tried several software solutions but they only worked on non-admin accounts, and I need admin rights, so I had a much simpler idea:

    I hooked my laptop's power supply to a digital timer and locked it in a metal box with a big-ass padlock, then gave the key to a friend who lives about 1.5 hours from my place. Job done! Now the timer mercilessly cuts the power at 21:00 and I can run off batteries till about 22:00, at which point there's nothing I can do to continue using my laptop because I don't have a key to access the power supply. I have been using it for 1 year and I feel great. Getting good sleep is really important.

    If you use a desktop PC you will find that most PC cases are equipped with padlock tabs at the back, therefore you can wire up a digital timer inside the case. How neat is that?

    The reason why this works is that breaking the padlock (which costs money) is just not worth it, especially when one could simply just go to bed and get up early in the morning when the timer would have restored power.
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