SSD as boot doesnt pls

Hello again all...i need help.

i JUST got my ssd, worked fine, all was good.

the way i had it was that i had my win 7 on a 250g and so, i installed the ssd, formatted it, ran win 7 on it, installed all updates etc...on the ssd, after all was working fine and FAST,

i installed all my work programs etc....again fine and FAST!

so since im done, im wanting to set the ssd as the main boot drive....i HATE to turn on the pc and have to choose between 2 identical " Window 7 " im wanting to set the ssd as main boot and delete all the content on the 250g (i already backed up all my data on an external 1.5tb drive)

so im ready to go...

i go to my mobos settings and make my ssd the main drive.....nothing.........i took out ALL the drives and just left the SSD as the main and again, nothing...

all i get it this

" reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key "

ummm whatelse...i re-inserted win7 disc to see if i can repair the start up and nothing, i removed all usb content...nothing...i need help

thanks in advace
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  1. is the BIOS seeing the drive?
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    It's because you installed windows with both drives plugged in. I don't know why it happens but that occured for me as well. You *might* just have to plug the SSD into SATA port 0 (or 1, whichever is the lowest on your mobo) and see if that works. Otherwise, unplug the HDD SATA cable and reinstall windows on the SSD. After that you can plug the HDD back in.
  3. Run the windows 7 setup again (with only the SSD connected just to be sure) to repair the MBR and boot config data. Instead of choosing startup repair, pick command prompt. Then enter the following:

    bootrec /fixmbr
    bootrec /rebuildbcd

    Then reboot and see if it works.
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  5. yep eventually after restarting a few times, i took EVERYTHING OFF , reinstalled and it worked....weird

    thanks for the help fellas.
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