Mobo - PCI-e x16, can i buy a PCI 2.0?

hey there, im looking buying a new card, however im wondering about pci x16 1.0 cross compatibility with pci 2.0. I've read that all PCI2.0 cards should be back compatible with PCI x16 1.0, is this true?

In this case, is it worth buying a newer 98xx series nvidia card running on PCI2.0 for my system?

Are 88xx series cards 2.0 or 1.x? Ive seen some info indicating both, would a high end 88xx card be more worthwhile?

Im basically wondering if a) a newer card will actually work, (im running a Ga 965P D54 mobo btw) and b) will it work at 100% in the x16 slot, will there be a huge downgrade in its power, or wont it be hugely noticeable if at all?
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  1. Newer cards will work fine, and with the possible exception of the 4870x2 or GTX295, there will be almost no slowdown at all due to the lower bandwidth. Basically, you'll be fine.
  2. thanks heaps for the easy answer haha.


  3. Backwards compatable
  4. the pci-2.0 card work with pci-1.0 slots, but they run less power making the card run slightly slower.

    pci-1.0 gives your gfx 75 watts of power, plus whatever you need to connect to it externally.

    pci-2.0 gives your gfx 150 watts of power, plus whatever you need to connect to it externally.

    my 4870 1gig pci-2.0 card is running half power right now, which means I'm not getting my full potential out of it. every card draws from the motherboard, just some need more juice, hence power supply's with pci express connectors, either 6, 6+2 or 8. each line gives 75 watts of power. so technically the 4870 runs about 300 watts, 150 from the motherboard and 150 from the psu pci-e connectors.

    running half power will effect your new card purchase.

    the 8800 is pci-1.0 so it will run full power with your pci-1.0 slot.
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