Thermaltake Big Typhoon VX - manual speed control fails!

Hi all!

A couple of days ago I decided its time to renew my CPUs thermal paste - so Iv'e unplugged my tt big typhoon, when finished, replugged it! all went fine.

To my surprise, the manual fan speed control(on the fan) had stopped working! although it seems pefectly connected(cables..).
The fan is now "stuck" at 2000RPM(which is verrry loud when trying to watch a movie for inst :)).

tried using SpeedFan to control it through the MOBO - no result ........

what can I do? maybe I did something wrong with SpeedFan settings? can i fix the manual fan speed control?

Thanks for any help...!
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    Check the bios for cpu fan control options.

    The 4-pin is for PWM (Pulse Width Modulated).
    4 pin connector enables fan speed control.

    You can still use voltage control with the 3-pin motherboard connector to regulate the fan.
  2. from what u r saying the controller is not working........... assuming the big typhoon comes with Thermaltake A2029 fan which has the manual fan controller, one of the fan's connector is a 3pin mobo head which you may connect to your mobo's CPU Fan header....... after this is done you can control the speed of the fan using speedfan...........
  3. Well, listened to evongugg advise, and bought a Thermaltake voltage controller... which works perfectly!

    thanks for the comments.. ! surprised to see there is a difference between the fan connector....
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