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Hey all, i was just wondering how i would go about setting Legacy mode for SATA in the bios for the GA-P35-DS4 mobo. much appreciated for any help.
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  1. Not sure quite which you mean; the BIOS item actually called "Legacy" is "Legacy USB storage detect" (later BIOS say "USB Storage Function") - either way, set to "Disabled" unless you, on the next boot, need to access a USB stick from the BIOS for flashing, storing <F11><F12> 'storage slot' parameter sets to USB, or booting from USB - it's prone to causing problems (especially 'reboot loops') if left enabled at other times...

    The usual SATA question is re "Native Mode"; this actually simply enables or disables interrupt sharing for the SATA controllers - as the last version of Windoze that didn't support IRQ sharing was MilleniumEdition (which is likely a collector's item by now - I think they only ever sold eight or so of 'em!), for any current system, you always want this "Enabled"...
  2. Thanks for the reply i found it in bios but it wasnt the cause of some problems i was having with this SATA drive turns out i needed to just update the controllers, but its all good now thanks for the help bilbat :).
  3. Always welcome!

  4. legacy mode ... compatibility mode, in this mode the controller is addressed like it were a legacy ATA controller.
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