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Hello good people

I have looked through these forums/asus/analog/realtek/&couple.others as well and have still as of yet to find a working fix for no sound issue on the p5q deluxe motherboard. Has gotten me close but no cigar.

My current setup is WinXP Pro 32bit SP3, I used the hotfix found in this article


and that helped as it does take care of a known issue. However I cannot find one version of SoundMax that will install on my machine, they all say does not function with his version of OS......

I am able to use my usb mic to input sound it is recognized and confirmed by a friend on ventrillo.

However I am getting no sound via my headphones which are plugged into the rear plugs of the mobo, there is 6 total for 5.1 sound, and as said in the manual, the green center plug is also intended for Heaphone output.

I have yet to get anything come out of these headphones, and yes I checked on a known good system the headphones work fine.

I have found various mentions of a win7 driver working for winxp, I tried would not install. (AD200B_6570_Win7)

Any help would be appreciated
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  1. If you attach speakers to the rear green plug, do you get sound?
  2. I do get sound. Did u try the P5Q drivers that came with the CD? Maybe u did and youre still having issues? Did u try downloading the SoundMAX Audio Driver v5.10.1.6480 for Windows XP. SoundMAX Audio Drive v5.10.2.6480 from the Asus support site?
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