Core i3 is this stable enough?

i oced my core i3 530 to 3.3GHz for a start all i did was enter bios then changed the bus speed to 150 and left everything as is i then opened prime95 and tested the cpu for 10min the max temps where 76 core 1 70 core 2 i stopped the test and got 0 warnings and 0 errors and no bsods anymore tests i need to run??
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  1. Prime95 should be run for at least an hour to check for stability, and most people would recommend at least 4hours of testing.
    10mjn will usually give you max temps but isnt long enough to check for stability.
  2. +1 1 hour in prime is not enough, the longer the better to check stability, you can also use OCCT
  3. ok i did an OCCT test and left it on auto 1h it passed
  4. Normally it will hold, play some games also, but i recommend stress test for at least 3-4 hrs prime
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