Bios updates? SLI bridges? Installing SLI on Intels DX58SO "SmackOver"

Gday Gurus and Guresses,

As you are most likely aware (or unaware if you think my set-up is gay and never bothered to pay attention to any news regarding components of its nature) on FEB 11 2009 Nvidia and Intel announced that SLI will now be supported on the DX58SO motherboard.

I own this motherboard and a GTX 280, so I have now ordered a second card of the exact make and brand. (T'was bloody hard to find one, as this technology seems already redundant)

When the card arrives I will most likely send it off along with my computer to the local Vitamin D Deficient Gurus as I have no idea what the hell it is I am doing. :pt1cable:

And I want to... :sol:

All I know is that they will have to update the BIOS..

Ok enough context building...


1) Where can I find a tutorial that will explain what needs to be done?
2) Would anyone mind giving me just a list of "keywords" or "pointers" that will help me know the scope of the task and the issues involved.
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