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I am trying to rebuild my system to get it to work faster been debating what motherboard graphics card and procesor to run would also like to know opinions on whats best hard drive and memory to get thanks.
Was debating on 2 motherboards procesor combos

debating on geting a ati 4850 procesor or geforce 9800 gtx

curent system build is athlon 4200 radeon 2600 hd pro runing 3.5gb ram 160gb hd
keep having errors trying to reinstall vista and wow which is main reason i want to rebuild system cant figure out problems
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  1. hmm well what other components do you have, it would be helpfull for us trying to help you figure out what new parts you can take,and what your budget is looking like. and the phenom 940 is an excellent choice,im looking at a combo much the same right now, and as for the gpu id deffinately go with the 4870 great bang for buck. and i have this memory, runs like a champ,
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