P3 slow due to signal

how can my p3 get faster when using a dongle internet modem i live in the province
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  1. Unfortunatly I don't think there is anything that will make your p3 faster other than strapping a rock to it and throwing it off a cliff. Sorry for the sarcasm but that is 10 year old technology.
  2. maybe you can donate your pc to me so i canchange my old pc
  3. - install software eBooster (virtual memory chace / add RAM from Flasdisk /HDD)
    - install CC Cleaner / Uniblue registry (delete start up if not use )
    - delete file in C:windows/Temp/ delete *.*
    - use Torrent or other Soft for download
    - use cometbird for browsing / search site
  4. how about putting the dongle modem outside the house to a to pick a better signal also ill buy a10 meters usb extension cable and connect the dongle modem is it possible to get a good signal what do think?
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