Which Board?????

So it looks like my free, other than upgrades, Dell XPS 400 died. Bad motherboard - amber light tried everything already.

So looking to build a new computer using vid card, hard drive, and optical drives from the dell. Last comp I built was an Athlon 64 3200+
Looking at the Phenom II Quad but not sure which AM3 motherboard to go with, Asus, MSI or Gigabyte. I have used both MSI and Gigabyte with no problems in the past. I don't need or want onboard video. Don't run SLI or Crossfire. I haven't used an AMD chipset since my old K6-2 300 mhz comp. Are they as good as Nvidia chipsets? Looking in the <$150 range.

Long time poster, few times questioner.
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  1. ASUS and MSI are the best, in ASUS get for the Crosshair III or the MSI 790FX-GD70. Both mobo are really good...
  2. ASUS or Gigabyte. For a good board:

    It's a little over your budget but worth it.

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