SATA cables- l-shaped at both ends ?

SATA cables- l-shaped at both extremities... Do they exist ?


I bought a casing that is badly designed, apparently : there is a metal plate running along the side of the motherboard, quite close to where the SATA connectors are located. (The metal plate being the side of the module where the HDDs and DVD drives are encased.)

This means that I can only plug l-shaped (90o angled) SATA cable ends on the motherboard.

This creates 2 problems :

1- Since the SATA connectors on the motherboard are paired, I can only use 1/2 of them, because the l-shapes cannot allow for 2 cables to be plugged one on top of the other.

That is not overly dramatic since I do not plan to put more than 2 HDDs in that system. (But still...)

2- More dramatic: Since I can only plug the l-shaped end on the motherboard, the straight end of the cable goes on the HDDs. Now, the HDD slots are positioned across the box, with the connexions facing the side panel : again with very little space. So when I close the casing, the SATA cables get twisted and crushed.

Now, I've been getting bad sector problems with my brand new WD Black HDD, and the WD Diagnostic Tool even informs me of "unreparable bad sectors".

Someone informs me that I should fix the cable situation before concluding that the HDD is defective. That the crushed cable could possibly be the cause.

And this means l-shapes on both ends. Unless I always leave the casing opened, maybe cut through the metal of the module to make room, or unless I buy a new casing altogether. All possible solutions, but if a 3$ cable can fix it, I'd rather try that first.
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  2. Remove the side panel until you resolve the bad sector issue.
    Hard drives come with spare sectors. WD should have a utility that will reformat the drive and reassign sectors. If that does not resolve the issue, return the drive.

    In the meantime, order a sata cable that will work for you. Look at the cable picture very carefully to verify that the 90 degree angle goes in the direction that you want.
    Using two different orientations might let you use two of those motherboard headers.
  3. Thanks Twoboxer !

    Wonder if they'll let me order a couple 3,29$ items though... But at least I know they exist : I was told they didn't. This means I can look around town (Montreal) for them.


    Thanks for the advice.
  4. Oh, they'll let you order them lol - the shipping costs more than the parts - look closely :)

    Check Newegg Canada, mostly same stuff, renegade pricing :)

    And as Geo said, by carefully choosing cables you may be able to use more of your SATA slots than you thought.
  5. Twoboxer said:
    And as Geo said, by carefully choosing cables you may be able to use more of your SATA slots than you thought.

    That seems impossible: The openings are stacked 2 x 2, one of top of another. Something like this :

    SATA0/1 SATA2/3 SATA4/5

    By putting an l-shape in the bottom one, you end up covering the top one; and putting it in the top one blocks access to the bottom. The only solution would be 2 straight plugs.

    What I should probably do is look for a better case, one where that part is roomier.
    Buying SATA cables just looks like less trouble for the moment. And if I ever consider installing more than 3 HDDs, I'll need a different case anyway.

    Thanks again.
  6. lol - NP. GL
  7. Getting ready to order.

    Is there a difference between SATA 2 and SATA 6 cables ?
    On the Newegg page, some cables are described as the former, others as the latter.

    My drive is SATA 3 capable. Does that mean I should absolutely order cables listed as SATA 6 ?
  8. Actually, I might have read wrong : they are either listed as Type: SATA or Type: SATA II, while some are described as SATA 6 Gbps.

  9. SATA/SATA II and SATA 6Gbps all have the same connector.
  10. While I'm at it :
    I was about ready to place an order for a couple of these :

    But then I read the comments section, and there are several warnings pertaining to the fact that the connectors are in fact much bigger than what's on the picture, and actually take more space than straight ones !!!

    If anybody knows of an actual brand and can make a suggestion, that'd be cool.

    I need right angle to right angle, the connectors must be small (as my problem is space related), and the cables should go up from the drive (as in the picture in the link above, the ledge would be on the right side).

    If you can suggest a brand, I'd appreciate.

  11. Well, I guess I've got my answer : angled cables do exist.

    Now I realize that I would need cables that are right angled at both ends, though facing opposite directions : the little ledge on one side of the connector would have to be on the left on one end, and on the right on the other end.

    (I especially realize that I've bought a crappy casing...)

    I've been looking on the Net for that, but can't find anything so far.
  12. Please post the make and model of the case and mobo. If it's an HTPC case, and the HD cage is empty, you can easily drill a hole in it. But before giving that advice, I'd like to see the case and mobo myself.
  13. Thanks Twoboxer, but I've looked into it and it would be more trouble than it's worth.

    The casing (it's a generic brand) is built in such a way that cutting it wouldn't really help, as the HDDs would still be in the way.

    Tomorrow I'll go downtown and try a couple electronics shops to see if I can find cables to solve my problem. If not, I'll go back to the shop where I bought the casing and see if I can exchange it.

    Thanks again.
  14. In the end, I bought a new case.

    Thanks for the help.
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