Blue screen + no loading = dead motherboard?


2GB 1066MhZ DDR2 (RAM)
AM2+ 4MB Socket 9950 Black Edition 3.6Ghz(AMD Phenom) (CPU)
MSI K9A2 CF-F AMD 790 Socket AM2+ Motherboard
9800 GT XFX 512 MB Video card (Nvidea)

My Problem:

Was on Desktop computer playing WoW when i suddenly got a bluescreen. it did its stuff and restarted my computer. I figured it was my ram because its running at 1066MHz while people online kept saying that it was unstable at this speed (btw i have gotten a lot more bluescreens before this) so i put it down to 800 MhZ then saved and it restarted and then nothing. It rebooted but with nothing on the screen not even the beginning bios writing. I turned it off and restarted it and yet again nothing. All fans start up and lights turn on but nothing on the screen. I tested my video card in another computer and it worked fine so its not that. I believe its either CPU or Motherboard but dont no which to replace


PS i believe its the Motherboard but im not sure
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  1. Clear the CMOS and see if it helps,because it seems your OC has caused this
  2. Why do people still, even with all the OC guides insist on not testing thier OC before running it 24/7. Memtest86, prime95 the damn thing a couple days. Well worth it to have a stable OC then to push your hardware at unstable levels. That is where hardware failure is the most abundant. Inexperience is the leading cause of overclocking computer headaches....

    As maziar said Before me reset CMOS. Also whoever told you ya cant run ram thats rated at 1066 at 1066 is a moron. your mem may be out of synch with your CPU but its not gonna cause it to bluescreen.

    Also thats a decent mainboard for OCing its probably not the board . My guess if its a failed component its either faulty ram (main cause BOSD) or the CPU died from being unstably OCed.
  3. Clear CMOS. Make sure your RAM is getting the right voltage. Run Memtest86+.
  4. lol ocing ram is pretty much pointless the gain is not worth the risk... also might have to reboot with only 1 stick of ram in dimm slot 1 for it to work... after resetting cmos
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