Direct X 11: is it worth the wait?

people around me keep on telling that i should wait for DX11 cards instead of buying a video card today that after a few months it wont be compatible with DX11. so should i start saving money or buy a new one and hoping my card will be compatible with DX11? my card is an MSI 3870X2 OC... needed advice because this has been my dilemma for quite some time thanks...
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  1. if you need faster now then buy now. I have been always on the edge of upgrading then somehting new comes out. PCI-e 3.0 will probably be needed to take advantage of DX11 so it won't just be a video card, it will be new mobo and new memory probably. I was actually looking to upgrade from my 7800GTX sli too a second hand 3870x2, is that card slow now?
  2. No. Nothing came out of DX10, nothing will come out of DX11. Software moves way too slow, hardware moves way too fast. Easy math.
  3. Agreed. Such as the use of DX10.1, where its been proven it makes rendering easier on DX10.1 cards, and thus faster. But also true is the fact that DX11 games may take awile before theyre actually taking advantage of real DX11 offerings. Typically, when a new DX is released, the HW is behind the standard, or what the DX can really deliver. Its usually the second gen of cards that incorporate the strengths of the DX in full, after the devs and the gfx makers have had time to implement perf in games and HW.
    The better question would be, should you wait for the next gen of cards due to perf vs whats out today. My advice is, if you have decent fps now, wait. If in your gaming your current card is showing slowdowns, buy now
  4. DX 10/10.1 will not be fully compatible with DX 11. DX 10.1 would be more compatible but it will not allow full DX 11 features.

    DX 10/10.1 could be obsolete within only 5 months and it will not allow you to use full DX 11 features. However, DX 10/10.1 cards will still allow you to play the future games but it will still be in DX 10 mode, thus, it is like you are stuck in time with DX 10 and you are playing another DX 10 games rather than playing DX 11 games. If you wanna play Full DX 11 games then you still need DX 11 video card.

    If you already have a DX 10.1 card like HD 3870 X2 OC then it would worth to wait for DX 11 card.

    Actually I am still using Geforce 8400M (of my notebook PC) without any problem and I am delaying my PC rig build until DX 11 is release. Also, DX 11 beta and Windows 7 beta are already released and Microsoft sent technical preview of DX 11 to ATI and NVIDIA since last November of 2008. So DX 11 video cards could be release at any moment without warning.
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