New build, too many choices...

I finally decided to upgrade my desktop that I built four years ago.

My current Setup:
I'm currently running a AMD Athlon 64 3800+ (single core, 2.4Ghz) CPU on a DFI lanparty socket 939 board. I have 1gb of xms ram for windows xp, and my video card is an Ati X700 Pro. I also have a base creative sound card.

A month ago I was given a second 19" Monitor (FS), so I bought a video card to replace my x700 which had issues with dual monitors. I got a Gigabyte 4870 1gb on sale from newegg, as the pricing is fantastic right now. That came in the mail today, bringing me to my current dilemma.

It would be a waste to have a good card and not have a better system. So, I decided that I needed to upgrade. I need to keep this low budget, as I leave for college in the fall, and I'm buying a laptop to take with me, I'm 90% sure that my rig is staying home. I don't play games much anymore, but I'm always multitasking- Itunes+ firefox 99% of the time.

I have a Antec 900 case, a Thermaltake 500W PSU, 500GB HD, and DVD Drives from the old PC. All I need now is a Mobo, CPU, and RAM.

I'm debating between either the AMD x2 Castillo, x3 710 or 720, and my local PC shop has the old 95w Intel q8200 on sale for $120. I need some advice as to which path to take.
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  1. Either the 710 or q8200 will work fine for a limited gamer. Check newegg or Fry's for board prices versus your pc shop. They will probably be cheaper; newegg has an incredible selection of boards and memory. I usually download the board manual off the manufacturer's website and read sections of it, especially on memory and bios adjustments before ordering.
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