What's the safe temp of a graphics card?

i just wanna ask if 70C is still safe for my graphics card? i'm using a Palit 9500GT and i tweaked it on the ff settings:

Core: 450-583
Memory: 400-522
Shader: 1125-1450

*the core and memory are overclocked at its max but i was afraid to tweak shader more coz my graphics card might just melt or blow up lol. i even changed its fan.

while playin some games for more than an hour, the temp has reached 70C (before i changed the fan, it reaches 77C yet the setting are lower before). if i estimated it right, it might reach 73-75C during hot days (i'm in a tropical country) and i still haven't put any thermal paste since i changed its fan.

thanks for the advice:)
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  1. At 77c that card is barely breaking a sweat. If you break 90c I would consider getting better airflow or spinning up the fan on the gpu. I believe 100c is safe for those cards but I wouldn't recommend it. If you notice, even at 77c your card's fans is probably still at 40 percent. That means it doesn't think it's hot yet.
  2. yeah, that's the prob dude, i don't know the % of my fan speed. how can i detect that %? i'm using MSI afterburner for tweaking yet the setting for the fan was turned off just like this one:

    well, so much for my gpu's fan speed lol. so, @ 70-75C, my gpu is still safe. err what would be the consequences if my gpu becomes hotter, let's say if the temp reaches @ 85-90C? i'm just curious lol. thanks! ;)
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    You can run the card in the 80's no problem. 90c although probably safe I would be uncomfortable running it that hot.
  4. The maximum safe temperature for a 9500GT is 105 degrees Celcius. I used to have a BFG 9500GT. 90-95 won't get you in any trouble but the drivers will probably crash if it stays that hot for too long. If you reach 98-100, back off the clocks.

    Get RivaTuner and see if it will let you change your fan speed.
  5. wow i never imagine that gpus can withstand that temp. i'll just check if rivatuner can help me detect the fan speed. i'm glad to hear that my gpu is still in its safe condition. lol thanks! :D
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  7. guys i wanna ask a question i have radeon hd 5570 and when i play games like gta 4 in high settings my gpu temp i around 65-75. This temp is safe? and my graphics card not overheating?
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