New to Rig building is this any good?

Hey everyone, I just slapped together a new gaming pc and I would like some tips and opinions about it.

XFX 790i
Intel QX9770
Corsair DDR3 4GB
Nvidia GTX280 x2
750watt PSU
Dual Screens.

No mods as of yet. The only tweek I've done was set the mem to 9-9-9-24 1.8v
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  1. Couldnt find anything about a Intel cpu at Qx9770...

    Could of found a better deal on the board type.

    750w which psu?

    These things have already been purchased?

    At DDR3 1600 2x2gb mushkins had a really good deal, same as ocz.
  2. OK, Next time ask for opinions before you order your parts.
  3. No, save the cash and get an I7 920 based pc with X58 mobo, a coolermaster V8 and adapter and also dual GTX 285's.

    Then you'll want 6gb of ram and a corsair 750/850tx or the equivalent Seasonic/silverstone

    Whoops didn't see you already built it, if you hadn't then an I7 PC would own it for less.
  4. already ordered ? i think yes ... :(

    QX and 790I ... why dont you just buyed an I7 ... big waste of money there ... SRY
  5. Ok, a couple of answers and more questions.
    First of all I bought all this back in August.
    The Intel QX9770 Core 2 Extreme @ 3.2GHz FSB 1600MHz L2 12MB.
    The PSU is a Corsair 750w.

    Ok now my turn.
    Wow, I just looked up the stats on the i7 with a x58 mobo. Dammmmmm. That is fast. Wish I had seen that before but like I said I purchased in August.

    I still wouldn't say it was a waste of money however.
    Everything can still be overclocked.
  6. yessss you can ! QX will be EZ and damn FAST !

    WC this thing, and have some fun ! take it to 4.0-4.2 GHZ and rock tha house !

    + your SLI will really benefit of this SPEED.
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