Will i get better ping if i upgrade my internet ?

Hello ,

I live in the middle east,
I play alot of Online games like UT3 , Q3A , Quake Live, Battlefield2 .
This games isnt Anti-Laggy games like Counter-strike ...
I mean , having 150 ping in quake 3 is alittle laggy ..
i just cant simply shot on the target while he's walking .. i need to shot alittle forward to hit him with this ping ..
i have 100-110 ping in servers Located in Germany .. and 110-140 ping in servers Located in the UK , With 2.5Mb/250Kb ADSL connection speed.
My question is : Will i get 70-80 ping if i upgrade my internet speed to 5Mb/500Kb or 8Mb/800Kb ?

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  1. Well ? is it hard to answer ?:P
    aha guys ? any idea?
  2. I would say no. Games don't send that much info, no where near your upload speeds. Pings are determined by distance, server usage, and a lot of other factors in between: number of routers it goes through, usage on those routers, etc....
  3. Hmmzzz ... then why do i have 69-73 ping in my work with 2mb download speed and 2mb upload as speedtest.net ... and in my home i have 133 ? any idea ?
  4. different lines, different connection points, different priorities.

    Talk to your isp and see if they will test your lines for you. Might just be a local problem.
  5. Take a look at this thread; actual subject irrelevant, but many people ended-up posting their internet speed). You will notice that there isn't much link between throughput (MB/s) and latency (ping).
  6. k , here is it ,
    i upgraded my internet to 5Mb download/ 800Kb Upload ...
    as u guys saied ... it will not decrase the ping that much .. but hey ... i have 2x2.5Mb with 800Kb upload now .. thats double ...
    there will be a little improvment right ? cuz i didnt try it yet..it will take 1 day to the isp to upgrade it ...
    having the old dialup 56k speed or 0.5Mb isnt the same as 5Mb :P
    is there gonna be alittle improvment with the speed in the game ... ? i mean its will get better with hiting the enemy right ?
  7. I wouldn't think you'd see any gaming improvement, like these guys have said. You'll see faster download speeds, especially from torrents, or multiple downloads at once, though.
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