Fan Control like speedfan program necessary for OC?

I'm about to put a new rig together and am wondering about fan control.

On my current machine I tried speedfan, but it doesn't recognize all the fans and I can't get it to control the ones it does recognize. I actually had some success with the pre-installed "nvidia performance" tool and was able to crank up my CPU cooloer fan and the 120mms in front.

Should I be using something like speedfan on my soon to be rig? I'm going to be working on an ASUS P7P55D-E Pro mobo and trying to OC the i5-760.

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  1. Speedfan is unecessary. I find that it is an aging program and isn't compatible with many motherboards.

    You don't really need it unless you want to slow down your fans because they are loud.
  2. Hi.

    If u want something good for fan controller get this:

    None of those programs works fine.
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