Gigabyte Motherboards for the AM3: Most Cost-Effective?

Currently looking at the new ones for the AMD 785G chipset:


The question is, which one is the most cost-effective from an all-purpose power/gaming standpoint? I'm thinking the UD2H, as it's the highest-end that doesn't force me to use DDR3, right?
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  1. Depends on whether you already have ddr2. Prices are creeping up again for memory. If you can find a 2x2gb ddr3 kit for around $60, then I would go for it. Haven't seen too many rebates on ddr2 lately.
  2. The price spread between 2 and 3 has narrowed considerably in the past six month (though, as o1die said, they are inching up again - I read why in the WSJ, but it escapes me now - this:
    was $50 a couple weeks back), and more manufacturers seem to be getting better at the 3; six months ago, I'd have said, stick with the 2, but now, it boils down to what you're willing to pay - you will get your money's worth either way...
  3. Damnit, Intel had to come out and grab my attention with Lynnfield. Thanks anyways guys!
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