Second HDD won't wake from sleep

I have Windows XP on my desktop, and I have installed and formatted a second HDD that I am using for storage. The HDD that came with the computer is 60GB, and I have put in a second HDD, Western Digital 160GB. If I put my computer to sleep and wake it up the next day, my second HDD is not detected. If I restart the computer, all the HDDs are detected. I have them in cable select with the original drive (containing the OS) in master position and the storage drive in the slave position on the cable.

Does this have anything to do with how long it takes the newer larger drive to start up? Is there anything to adjust here--like how long Windows waits before everything starts back up and Windows decides that my second HDD isn't there? Is there something I need to refresh when my computer starts up from sleep to allow it to detect all my HDDs? Would this have to do with any of the power management options?

This question was asked on this site about a year ago, but it was in regards to a different OS and there did not seem to be a clear consensus about the solution to the problem. I have also searched other forums, but most of the posters are asking in regards to Vista or 7--again, no clear fix to the problem determined in any of the other forums, just a lot of "things to try."

Thanks for your input.
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  1. Frankly, I doubt you're going to get any definitive answer. Some combinations of hardware/OS just don't sleep well.

    My personal solution when I run into this problem is to turn the PC off.
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