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I would like to run monitors in 2560X1600. Would this be possible and if so what video card would I need. Thanks
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  1. I would like to run dual monitors
  2. Any video card with dual-DVI outputs (if your monitors require dual-DVI)
  3. In order to run a single monitor at 2560 one is required to use both dvis but can I run two cards to run both monitor? Would this work?
  4. Yes the cards can be run independently. If your not gaming you can use the 4850x2 which has 4 dvi ports.
  5. You would need an X2 card for that e.g 4850 X2 or 4870 X2.

    Unless you can find a card which has dual hdmi 1.3 or whatever is needed for DP 1.2 since 1 port can output 2560x1600 to 2 displays.
  6. Dual-link DVI doesn't mean you need 2 DVI ports, it has to do with the # of pins on the DVI plug (wikipedia).

    What will you do with your machine, if you are considering gaming on dual 2560x1600 monitors, you're in for disappointment as you need quite a bomb to play with even just 1 monitor at that resolution.

    However, if just for 2D work, not sure you will need much, a single 512MB ATI 4650/4670 with dual DVI will be enough and would cost 50-80$.
  7. Thanks for all the help. I am not using it for gaming. I need to display 40 to 50 photos at one time. I need to be able to scroll quickly. I have a program that groups 50 pics at a time by certain criteria. I have to associate some of them then scroll to the next 50. I don't want anything to lag. I don't know what to expect as far as performance goes. There is no 3D rendering.
  8. In 2009 Dell was advertising a super high end laptop that supported dual monitors at 2560 * 1600. At that time, I think the storage was two 500G drives. Monitor was 17" (May have also been available in 15", can't remember). I was lusting heavily! I think the price was in the 4K - 5K range .

    I tried to pull this up for the thread, but having difficulty finding it, I may need to call Dell. In any case it IS quite rare to find this ability. I had never seen it prior to this Dell offering in a laptop. Most of the high-end cards for desktop already have this (ie. such as the Nvidia GTX 260 and ATI equivalent and up). If that price is in your range, then I suggest calling Dell to see if the sales tech can point you to the model. It may have been too expensive to catch on, but I am absolutely sure it was there. I will post update when I locate this model and see if it still obtainable.
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