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Hello. I have a MSI P6N SLI Platinum mobo with 2x 1GB Corsair CM2X0124 PC 5400 RAM, running in dual channel.

I have recently felt the need to get some more memory, but since I won't be upgrading my mobo for a while, I was wondering what would be best to do.

My question is, can I put another 2GB of memory (2x1GB) on the other channel but of a different spec? That same memory above is becoming a little hard to find around here being old and all. So I was wondering - if I put in some corsair pc6400 memory running at native 800mhz on those 2 slots, would it work? Or would there be memory incompatibility and they'd be gimped running at 667 like the other 2?

Also, I was taking a look at the mobo's specs again and checked that the FSB is 1333/1066MHz (see Does that mean I could get some better memory and run them at 1066 MHz?

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    Yes you can...but if you put a pc6400 an the other are 5400...all the RAM will run to the speed of the RAM more slow...
  2. Thanks for the reply mate.
    As for the FSB question, I researched a little bit more and saw that my processor (E6750) enables the config of 1333MHz FSB on the mobo. Does this mean I can run DDR2 1066 ?
  3. Yes, BUT ONLY IF YOUR MOBO SUPPORT DDR2 1066 too, and the performance between PC2 6400 and PC2 8500 isn't much...few months ago, I used 1066 and the performance is too similar at 800MHz
  4. Good to know that, I~ll be sticking to pc6400 for a while.

    I'll stick to 2 gig of pc6400 for now, even though it'll be gimped by my PC5400. I'll substitute the other 2 gig at a later date.

    Thanks a bunch!
  5. Personally, I would retire the old ram and get a 2x2gb kit. The price difference between 2 gig and 4 gig sets is $20 on newegg. You mention that you are not upgradingnthe mobo anytime soon, so why not max out sooner than later? The memory will run slightly slower with 4 sticks in versus 2, and may also affect your overclocking (if you do).
  6. That's a good idea...change all RAM...IMO you will get the Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC2-6400..
  7. Indeed I was thinking about it. The only problem is that I'm down here in Brazil, so the price for 4 gigs of pc6400 is around 190-230 local.

    And it looks like I can't find the pc5400 anymore, so I'll probably retire that memory and stick with this mobo and memory for another 2 years or so. So far the bottleneck of my system is my graphics card, but I can still replace that and stick with processor and decent memory.

    Thanks a bunch :)
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