1st OC attempt in a decade - Pointers welcome

So I was asked to build a very budget system for a friend but wanted to squeeze out all of the performance I could. Ended up going with an Intel e5400 CPU on a P5N-D MoBo. I haven't done an OC since the K2 days - Late 90's for you that can't remember back that far ;) I think I am on the right track but just wanted to get the opinions of more experienced members. I am using a Coolermaster Hyper 212+ with Dual fans pushing 70cfm each in a push-pull. The case is very tight and the PSU fan is directly over the HSF. The case has 1 rear 80mm enermax tcb Exhaust fan and the same in the front for incoming air. The case is also vented on the side but there is not a fan mount just mesh in the lower corner.

I am pretty happy with my results so far but I think my temps are a little higher than I was expecting - I may have applied to much TIM and I have not lapped the heatsink. Another thing i was looking for guidance on was compensating for vDroop - i have the vCore set to 1.3625v in the BIOS but CPU-Z s only showing between 1.28 -> 1.32. The max recommended voltage from Intel is 1.3625v. Can I crank the vCore in BIOS until CPU-Z shows 1.35->1.37 ? I understand every chip has different limits but I would love to hit 4.0 GHz. :)
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  1. The 4GHz with that chip is very difficult but u can try it. Set the 1.37 and star to rise the FSB.
  2. Looks like the ceiling on this chip is 3.8ghz. I lapped the CPU and HSF and reapplied an appropriate amount of Arctic Silver Ceramic. Didn't seem to make much of a difference but the temps had less fluctuations. Here is how things turned out - pretty happy overall. :)

    Not bad for a newb and a $50 chip IIDSSM
  3. Our generic Core2 OC guide:
    HOWTO: Overclock C2Q (Quads) and C2D (Duals) - Guide v1.6.1

    nVidia chipsets require a different approach:
    Overclocking 680i/780i chipsets:

    Intel's absolute max core voltage is 1.45 volts.
    Wolfdale voltage specs:
    page 17

    OTOH, you do not have much more room to increase vcore. You want to keep load temps under 70 C.
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