WD6401AALS may be broken after aborted erase.


So, I wanted to sell my WD6401AALS (Western Digital Caviar Black 640Gb) on craigslist. I booted up PartedMagic and started the erase with External (dd disk). Unfortunately my power cut during the erase, and now the hard drive makes strange clicking noises during POST or sometimes it will take 2 minutes for the BIOS to tell me that there is an error with the drive. One out of 6 times it will post without errors. Now when I start PartedMagic, the hard drive makes clicking noises for a minute while starting PartedMagic. The hard drive is not detected by PartedMagic.

Is it possible for a hard drive to stop working after an "aborted" erase? :(
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  1. No, not just "aborted". But yes, it is possible that something was damaged while the disk was in heavy use and power (maybe) spiked and was then removed.
  2. Thanks for your reply.

    Would you suggest that I send it in for an RMA (20$ postage) or do you think a replacement PCB for the hard drive would work?
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    I'm not qualified to answer re the PCB, but this doesn't seem to be the time to troubleshoot in that way. $20 fixes the problem, but may or may not be worthwhile depending on your forecasted price.
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