NH-D14 or H70?

Hello community, im having a BIG problem now. I just bought an Asrock p55 extreme motherboard, an intel core i7 870 cpu, a cooler master HAF 932 cases, 4gb of g.skill ripjaws series and a 6870, and i want to use an aftermarket cooler for my cpu. I've been reading a lot about the Noctua NH-D14, about it been the BEST air cooler on the market and well, i wanted to buy one for my new build. I went to noctua's web page to check the compability and it seems that the cooler might cover the first pci express slot (The only one capable of running at full 16x). That is a big problem, because i want to do crossfire in the near feature. Then i saw a review of the Corsair H70, been a bit loud, but still very good.

I'm a bit puzzled.... i WANT the NH-D14, but i want do crossfire too....
The corsair h70 looks fine, but im not a big fan of watercooling. A friend of mine just burned his pc from a leak in his H50.
I don't know what to do....
Help plz :cry:
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    The first pci-e slot (blue) and the second pci-e slot (from the cpu side) both run at 16X.......... so its ideal for cross-firing to use these two slots............

    I got a picture for you which might help you in having an idea on the clearance to the blue pci-e slot with the cooler installed.........

    The whole setup can be reviewed here

    From all NH-D14 installations on P55 chipset boards i have seen (including mine), the first pci-e slot is always covered by the cooler......... cant help it considering its size......... i guess its meant for X58 chipset boards.............

    To know more about the cooler visit

    H70 is nice because of its size, but the liquid leak is always a threat...........

    try changing the mobo for a X58 mobo.............
  2. An X58 board is not an option unless he wants to buy a i7 900 series CPU as well since the X58 boards are LGA 1366 while the P55 boards are LGA 1156.

    You should just get the H70. Despite what happened to your friend, many people have no problem with it. Maybe your friend screwed up somewhere and blamed the cooler?

    Alternatively you can look at a different air cooler. Like the Zalman CNPS10X Extreme.
    Very good cooler and will give you clearance.
  3. This review is a good read.,2757.html
    Personally i prefer air cooling over any Corsair kit.
    It's cheaper,quieter,and just as effective.
  4. I'm curious about this h50 leak, did you read about it online ? And had he modded the h50 at any point.
    If you have these concerns about the Corsair H-series, then get something like this
  5. Although I see why you want to go the enclosed water cooling solution, they are actually not the best when it comes to actual performance. Have you looked at slightly smaller air coolers because Noctua is a beast (I personally have a Megahalem Rev. B on a x58 mobo in 90 degree rotated set up)
  6. Thank you guys for the fast reply.
    Im not planning on gettin an x58 board, so i guess i'll just grab the H70 due to the clearence issue.
    Thank you guys a lot, especially abully.

    The h50 from my friend was not modded, it worked fine for 5 moths until it started leaking.
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