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i have a hp laptop with a nvidia go 7600 videocard and it has been locking up the screen flash's repeatedly and will not stop untill i put in stand-by or rebot seam to do it with scrolling and adobe flash player will not work at all i think it is to do with a memory access "what do you think'
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  1. how long have you had it, and, what is the last time you re-installed your OS

    my guess, you have never re-installed the OS, try that, that usually helps with problems like this, if it doesnt, then idk
  2. i have all up dates have try to run vista and same problem os was just done 11/01/2008 and i have had from 2006 done everything i could think of
  3. processor t2250 @1.73
    l2 cache 4,096 KB
    memory 2,048MB
    mainboard hewlett-packard 30A6
    video card nvidia geforce go 7600
    mode 1440x900 with 32 bit core depth
    os windows xp professionl (5.1.2600)
    service pack 3
    installed 12/27/2008
    physical memory 2048 MB
    windows memory 6089 MB
    1 =100G
    5=ram drive 4G
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