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I run my computer on wireless internet. can i hook the wireless adapter to a router instead of the computer so i can use it on more teh one computer? I have been told that we can use it connected to the computer only. I was wondering if this is beause of the driver issue? any suggestions?
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  1. The wireless adapter in your computer can talk to a wireless router (and thus to the internet) .

    If you already have a wireless router, any number of other computers with wireless adapters can talk to the router too.

    They can then get the internet -- and if you set up a network they can talk to the other computers on the network.
  2. The only thing you can do is to purchase a Wireless adapter. The have Wi-Fi boosters in which you can boost your signal from a longer range than that of your internal wireless adapter can at a much high strength signal. hfield technologies sells one that is called the Wi-Fire and I hear many good things about that product. People that I work with use it when they travel especially to obtain a stronger internet connection from a distance away. However you can't hook that up to your router because of the drivers. It would be nice but this Wi-Fire is actually really nice because it is an USB 2.0 adapter which connects at high internet speeds from a distance away. You are able to view many more wireless networks that you can connect to as well...there website is www.hfield.com
    hope i could help, good luck

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