Looking for advice on my first OC attempt!

Hey guys! I'm new here and I thought I would try posting the work i've been doing so far on my system!

Tech Specs:
ASUS Sabertooth x58
Intel i7 950 @3.68GHz (160MHz BCLK)
Cooler Master Hyper 212+
Corsair 750TX
6gb G.Skill DDR3 1600 rated at 9-9-9-24 1.6v running at 10x for 1600MHz

My case has the two fans(1 exhaust, 1 intake) that came with it and thats it.
I'm thinking of adding a 80mm exhaust fan to the top of my case, and also adding a second fan to my hyper 212+ for push/pull(any reccomendations on which fan here? I was just going to buy an identical one to the one that came with it).

In the BIOS:
CPU Frequency @ 23x
Vcore - 1.2v
QPI/VTT - 1.2v
DRAM frequency - 1600MHz (I wanted to get my money's worth on the ram)
DRAM voltage - 1.6v
uncore frequency - 3200MHz
IOH - 1.1v
CPU Differential Amplification - 800mV (one guide said this might help? not sure)

ACPI 2.0 enabled
HT enabled
EIST enabled

C-state disabled
C1E disabled
Turbo disabled(I've read that using odd multipliers is more stable)
QFAN disabled

I think those are all the settings that I changed, everything else being at auto. If I missed anything important, please ask and I will fill it out in the morning.

Ambient Temp(while test was running) - ~76F = ~24.4C
Idle Temps(last I checked) - ~40-41C
Load Temps(IntelBurnTest, 3 runs, maximum, 8 threads) - ~75-76C per Real Temp 3.60

I think I might be able to lower my vcore a little bit more, but i'm getting tired and so i'm going to run a Prime95 mix test overnight to see how it handles (~6 hours).

Any suggestions as far as changes I should make to settings and/or my rig?
The case and PSU are leftovers from an old system I just upgraded with new mobo, cpu, vid card(yeah, pretty much the whole thing lol), and I was trying to save money where I could(grabbed the i7 950 for $190 at microcenter through some discount fluke!).

Thanks in advance for all your help!
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  1. Forgot to mention some things.

    I had 3 runs of IntelBurnTest succeed @3.795 GHz: 23x @ 165MHz BCLK, 1320MHz ram, 2640MHz uncore, vcore 1.25(I think? I was bad, didn't take notes), QPI 1.25
    I think the temps maxed out at 81-82C

    I then tried for a 4.0 GHz clock and I couldn't get through the 3 runs of IntelBurnTest(either freeze, reboot, or BSOD) with 1.3vcore(temps were getting in upper 80's), and 1.3 QPI.
    I probably could have tweaked around a little more with the QPI maybe(I still don't know how everything affects stability really, kinda just going on what i've read), but its getting late and I have class tomorrow.

    Just thought i'd throw that out there too!
  2. Just woke up, had a worker fail 4 hours into the test. Gave my vcore a small bump and im gonna try running prime again throughout the day.
  3. So if I wanted to be more specific, I was wondering if any of my settings looked as if they could be lowered a bit. I might work on lowering my QPI a little at a time, but I dont even know what kinds of benefits I would get from that?

    Also, any settings I can change away from auto so that it won't automatically be giving my system more than it needs would be helpful. Explanations of any suggested changes would be appreciated as well.

    Otherwise, i've been having a blast working on my first OC ever! A lot easier than I expected, but only after lots and lots of reading.

    Thanks in advance for any tips!
  4. Nice! doesn't look half bad there for your first time x) :lol: and nice parts you got there, a pretty decent setup :)

    What's your ratio at?
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