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  1. Nice OC on the shaders. 111mhz OC on the core isnt bad either. Dont think its worth it if youre playing at 2560 or 1900 res though, however the 1600 res numbers are good.
  2. yup, ocs about as much as a 285 GTX does....So we'll see what happens. the Bus width and Vram amount is just pathetic though in my opinon. I would've been much happier to see mroe Vrama nd GDDR5 added, but they just wanted short cuts.

    I decided to go with nether the 4890 or the 275 GTX, and wait for the 4770. seems like a much better bang for the buck for my secondary.
  3. Like I mentioned in the 7 page dribble thread, I said you should wait for the 4770. If its just for a "backup" PC for gaming then I wouldnt dump $260 on a video card.

    As for the topic, ive gotten my GTX 285 stable at around 760 core, but I keep it at the EVGA FTW specs, which is 720core/1651 shaders, and 1386 memory. No artifacting, and temps are doing alot better since I redid my case this weekend, load temps droped about 4c. 760mhz core was just too high for comfort, plus I admitedly didnt let it run stressing for too long....was nervous.
  4. yup, I thinkt he max stable I could push it was 772 core and 3 ghz memory, and I usually game at 745 mhz when playing Crysis for fun. I ran ATItool to scan for artifacts at 772, and got nothing for 10 minutes. I didn't try anything longer just because I was bored.

    BUt overall when COD5 or left 4 dead, I disable Sli and run OCX speeds.

    :) I too don;'t like keeping the GPU pushed:D

    But I mostly game on ps3 and laptop now.

    Grid and Wheelman on the run, and RE5, Gundam and FIFA 09 on the ps3:P
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