Best gpu for my gt5220

i currently have a 7600 gs and am looking to upgrade
have dual amd x64 3800 cpu
i have only 1 pci slot so what are my best options
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  1. pci? or PCI express... take a look at low power ATI radeon HD 4670 gpu
  2. ^+1 for the 4670

    Well assuming you have a PCI-E graphics slot anyway.

    If your PSU can handle it you may also want to step up to an NVIDIA 9600GT or even a Radeon 4830 or NVIDIA 9800GT. Anything beyond that generally wouldn't yield much of an improvement for you, due to your CPU.
  3. Ack, looking it up it seems you have a 300W PSU that's probably a little anemic. Don't go beyond a 4670 since if you choose a card that consumes too much power it could kill the system, and even a 4670 may be pushing it if the quality of the PSU is poor. I'd also upgrade the RAM while you're at it to it's max 4GB, or at least to 2GB.
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