Cooler Master Hyper 212+ 2nd fan question

I am planning on buying a second fan for this to do push/pull and I was wondering if I needed to get some kind of splitter to connect both fans to the cpu fan connector on my mobo (ASUS sabertooth x58).

Thanks in advance!
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    yes you would unless your mobo somehow has 2 CPU fan connectors...

    a splitter would be the best bet....if you are using or just search Gelid they have a good PWM fan splitter i love it works perfectly for my HAF 922 case and Hyper 212+ push/pull setup
  2. yup yup yup i love it

    what case you got some people find the splitter a bit long but for me it actually made cable management even better in my HAF 922 cuz i tucked the excess inbehind
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  4. I have the LIAN LI PC-7B plus II

    I can always tie away any excess, so its not a big deal to me.

    Maybe you can help with another question I have:
    I plan on getting an 80 mm fan for an exhaust on the top of my fan.
    Should I be plugging this into either the NB fan connector on my mobo or a different fan connector? Or simply use the 4 pin connection into my PSU?
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