Advice needed (with info)

I am looking at doing a major upgrade but in increments, hopefully with the biggest gains early.

I have an E6600 2.4 dual CPU, 8800GTS 320 mb video card, 3 gb ram, Windows xp media and also have vista home premium.

My end goal is to have an i7 processor and somthing along the lines of an 285oc gpu.

I am only running a 21" lcd at this time but am building for longterm, (Eventually a new monitor)

Any advice would be appreciated.


(Sorry but I wasn't able to edit my earlier post.
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  1. The thing is i7 uses another socket and DDR3 instead of DDR2 so there isn't really any part you can upgrade "incrementally" as CPU+MB+DDR3 all have to change at once. The only parts that could be switched are the "boring parts" (:P) like HDD, PSU, DVD, casing, ...).
  2. I am thinking of going with the video card first. My main concern is futureproofing for the new cpu's being released and I am also wondering about DX11.

    Is this something I should be taking into consideration and perhaps just hold off on everything? I don't want to hold off forever but I don't want to make a major error where everything is affected down the road.

  3. The thing with the video card is that if you get something very good (like GTX280/GTX285), the CPU will hold it back and by the time you get the rest of the system up and get get 100% out of it, it will probably have lost 100-150$ of it's value.

    If your next step is definitely an i7, then I would either hold everything or buy stuff that don't loose value quickly (PSU, case, ...).

    However, if you are eager to start spending and are ok to accept some "loss $$$", you could always buy a GTX260 now, then get the CPU+MB+RAM and finally add a 2nd GTX260 and SLI.
  4. You could start with the new GPU indeed, that makes most sense. Just make sure to also buy a new PSU if the one you have is not powerful enough for the new card. What do you have now?
  5. Thanks for the replies.

    I have an Antec 650W. My MB is an Asus. P5n-e sli, I believe.

    If I go for a 260, is there a particular model or specs I should look for. I know they have evolved and the newer oc are pretty expensive at this time.

    Regards & Thanks
  6. Your PSU will handle a single GTX 260 without problems.

    These models get good reviews, for example:

    EVGA $180

    XFX $169:
  7. I have just seen this card for 329.00 Canadian or approx 260.00 US.

    BFG GeForce GTX 280 602MHZ 1024MB 2.214GHZ GDDR3

    Would this be a good purchase for the interm? Are there any negatives that should be aware of?

    This offer is limited in time and stock so would appreciate any help. I can't get a 260 for this price here.

  8. Excellent price, go for it.

    What kind of case do you have? The GTX 280 is huge and may not fit.

    You didn't say which kind of Antec 650W you have (LOL, there are 5 types, all of them claiming 650W). Anyway, they all pass the minimum requirements for that card: one 6-pin connector, one 8-pin connector, 42A or more.
  9. Thanks for the reply.

    My case is an Antec P182. Any further input is welcomed. (Enough room, heat issues?)

    Regards & Tks
  10. Quote:
    My main concern is futureproofing for the new cpu's being released and I am also wondering about DX11.
    I wouldn't concern yourself with the DX API. When it does come out later this year and say you do get an intial card that supports DX11 when the first game that really takes advantage of DX11 comes out, that videocard that you bought at the DX11 launch probably won't run it well enough for you to enjoy the DX11 features.

    Look at DX10 it came out January 2007, two years ago and we've just started to see it become common play and there still only a marginal visual difference.

    My case is an Antec P182
    Like the case, really like the case.
  11. I like the P182 too. It will fit the GTX 280. You will need to remove a hard drive cage and that limits you to 3 internal hard drives. It's probably OK, especially with internal drives at 2TB these days, and you can always buy an eSATA 1TB external drive or more if needed.
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