I need to decide whether I should buy the XFX or Galaxy GTX 275?

Here are the specs:
Galaxy GeForce GTX 275 Overclocked PCI-E 2.0 896MB DDR3, 448-bit, Core clock 650MHz, Memory clock 2400MHz, Dual Dual-Link DVI, HDCP, Smart Fan, NVIDIA PhysX Read


GPU Clk: 640MHz, Shader Clk: 1404MHz
Outputs: 2 x DVI-DL, TV Out (7pin)
Memory: 896MB DDR3
448bit @ 2268MHz (127.0 GB/s)
PCB: PCIEx16, ATX, Dual Slot Fansink
Dimensions: 267.00(L) x 111.20(H) mm
PSU Req: 500W (2 x 6pin)
Includes: DVI-VGA (1), 4p-6p PCI-E (2)
HDTV Cable (1)
Game Bundle: Far Cry 2

The Galaxy is at a price of $465 and the XFX is at $470
. The galaxy gtx 275 is overclocked and I really do not want far cry 2 so much. But then, does the warranty of XFX comes into play when buying these cards? The XFX gtx 275 will have lesser performance but far cry 2 (don't really want) and a better warranty. The far cry 2 is around about 30-40 dollars due to the price difference of other gtx 275 cards, so it is quite cheap.

It's too difficult for me to choose. I'm probably going to overclock the card anyways, so I'm leaning towards XFX.

Anyone wants to put their opinion in as well?
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  1. If you are overclocking then go with xfx as it is supported by warranty.
  2. I have had nothing but good experiences w/ xfx. I have a lifetime warranty for my 8800gt and have had to return it twice w/o any problems. They pick up the phone, try to correct the problem, reply to e-mails etc. One time I e-mailed them about 430pm describing my problem and by 5pm I already had an RMA number. The 2nd RMA was something I did to the card, not that the xfx card I received was defective; and I still got a new vid card. Go XFX!!
  3. Are you sure it's bundled with Far Cry 2? I've been unable to determine what (if anything) XFX is bundling with the 275. I also assume FC2, but I'm not 100% sure ...
  4. The XFX 275 should be bundling Call of Duty World At War with the purchase. I've seen it on newegg.
  5. Isn't that the OEM "free gift" copy of World at War? Quite a few Nvidia GPUs are shipping with that, from Newegg. 260-216, 275 and 285s. Maybe even 295s.
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