Matrox G450 Quad Card - TV Out?

Has anyone run a G450 DVI to an LCD TV? What are your results?

Currently I am running 3x 17" monitors off my G450 but I'm about to add a second G450 and run 5 or 6 monitors. I'd like to run one spare DVI out to my TV (which I have not purchased yet) but will most probably be a 42" LCD

I have heard plusses and minuses with running to a TV - wondering what the resolution is and what the picture looks like if I were to use my PC as a DVD/Blue Ray player. Will the picture be nice & clear or will it be broken and bad?

One other comment - I have two G450 cards both with the same chipset on the boards - will I have any issues with driver conflicts, etc. running two in the same CPU box?

Thanks for any thoughts or comments.
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  1. It depends on the TV.

    I've got various Matrox cards around the place. On my main machine I'm running a 5 monitors with 3 x Digimate 24" flatscreens at 1920x1200, and one 21" CRT at 2180 x 1024 off a G450 quad, with another 21" CRT at 2180 x 1024 off Intel motherboard graphics.

    I've attached TVs to it, with mixed results.

    I've tried used an adapter to imitate a SCART connection. This is very effective with a bit of tweaking, but limited to old TV resolution.

    I've attached a Viewsonic 32" TV via the VGA connector. This would run nicely in native 1366x768 resolution giving a very nice image.

    I've tried a Toshiba "pictureframe" 40" too. This is rated at 1080p fullHD, but for some reason best known to Toshiba it won't give me better than 1024x768 on the screen, which means it looks much worse than the 32"

    I'd like to try it with the DVI output on the G450, but on investigation I've found it won't do higher than 1280x1024! So DVI is "better" is it?

    Confused? I was.

    You won't have any trouble with two G450s together

    Hope it helps,

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