Voltage control doesnt apear on bios (elitegroup) mobo

i have an elitegroup g41t-mr32 problem is i open the bios i find a voltage/freq control option
when i open it it only have a freq option but no voltage control option my cpu is e5300 and is now @3.2 but i cant get higher because i need to increase voltage !! help please !!
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  1. what what is it no answer !!! no one can solve this problem !!
  2. Your Elitegroup motherboard isn't (elite, I mean). I know. I also have one.

    ECS motherboards are very poor overclockers because they have a mostly locked BIOS. There's pretty much nothing you can do about it.
  3. its ok the cpu is good @3.2 ghz its almost perfect on a good graphics card
    if i knew ecs is a poor oc i wouldnt buy it !! dam that !!

    thx alot
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