The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort1.

In my event viewer, I have 5 consecutive errors saying:
The device, \Device\Ide\IdePort1, did not respond within the timeout period.
And then finally an error saying:
The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Ide\IdePort1.
I have two IDE DVD RW drives on the secondary IDE channel, which immediately fall back to PIO (both of them).
I have changed the IDE cable, but it didn't help.
I'm on windows XP SP2, however this isn't a windows problem, as kubuntu complains about IDE port while installing.

With windows, things start working ok after windows automatically switches the DVD drives to PIO and keeps it that way (until i uninstall the secondary IDE channel from device manager). However, linux would attempt UDMA every time it's restarted, and would take about five minutes to boot up, after it finally switches to PIO, and on next restart it'd attempt UDMA again for 5 minutes and this cycle would go on and on...

What could be the problem? Is my motherboard failing? It's about 7 years old.
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  1. UDMA drives require an 80 wire 40 pin cable, 40 wire cable will have problems. Is the dvd drive the only one connected on this cable and jumper set for master if the only one. It should be on the end connector if master and the colored connector plugged into the motherboard. If still a problem try seetting jumper to cable select.
    If you go to the link I have provided, it will show you the difference between the two cables.>
  2. Hello Jonmor68, thanks for your reply.
    Checked the jpg link, both my IDE cables look like the one in the picture (80 wire)
    I've struggled with the thing for about 2 hours today, before I elaborate what I did, I'd post the settings of my BIOS..
    BIOS options:-
    Secondary IDE channel---> AUTO
    Access mode-->AUTO (I can chose between CHS/LBA/Large/Auto)
    Secondary IDE conductor-->> ATA 66/100 (80 cable) {I can chose ATA-33, ATA-66/100, Auto)
    Top Performance Mode-->Disabled
    Frequency/Voltage control (Overclock)--->Disabled.

    I have 2 IDE DVD drives on the secondary channel.
    To keep things simple, I unplugged one, and set the other to cable select mode.
    Connected the extreme end of the IDE cable, checked in BIOS, the DVD drive is detected as secondary master.

    Try 1:
    Swapped the HDD cable with the CD cable (IDE) and booted to windows.
    Primary IDE channel device 1 (my HDD, using the original CD cable connected to the primary IDE port) UDMA-5 {Inference:CD cable not faulty, HDD not falling back to PIO after 10 minutes of usage}
    Secondary IDE channel device 1 (My CD drive using the original HDD cable connected to secondary IDE port) PIO {Inference: Probably the secondary IDE port is faulty)

    Keeping the above cable configuration (original CD cable still connected to the HDD and original HDD cable connected to the CD, as cables aren't faulty from Try 1) connected the HDD to the secondary IDE port and the CD to the primary IDE port. If the secondary IDE port is fauly as observed in try 1, the HDD should fall back to PIO now.
    Primary IDE channel device 1 ( My CD drive) PIO
    Secondary IDE channel device 1 (My HDD) UDMA 5.

    Inference: the secondary IDE port is not faulty, HDD still in UDMA, probably the CD drive is faulty, it'd fall back to PIO no matter which IDE channel it is connected to.

    Try 3:
    Unplugged the CD drive and plugged in the other CD drive. and tried same steps as in Try 1 and Try 2.
    Observation: Same as in Try 1 and Try 2.
    Both the CD drives on my system are faulty, both the IDE ports on the motherboard are OK, Both the IDE cables are OK.

    However, this is odd. I don't think both my optical drives can fail all at once. And when in PIO, both the drives have no problems to read any of the disks or write to them.
    I'm stumped. What do you think?
    Please advice..
  3. anybody? any idea what could be going on with my computer? please help, i really really really need to work on linux, and it takes 10 minutes to boot up continuously complaining about the IDE timeouts... please please please help if possible :(
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