Where can I find a better PSU for this HTPC?


I have a very interesting dilema here. I am looking for an upgraded PSU for a computer that I do not have yet!

The computer is an Acer x1700 (yes there are a few threads referencing this comp but none for the PSU!) The power supply I have finally deduced to be Delta Electronics DPS-220UB A and it is a very unique shape. I unfortunately do not have the exact dimensions of it as I am not an owner yet so I can not find the correct replacement.

If anyone is able to find the information on the dimensions and or know of any possible replacements in 300/400w+ power supplies I would be exceedingly grateful. The ability to replace the PSU will be the selling point for me as I will be able to toss a beastly GPU and CPU for a great little LAN computer.

I have found a few sites that carry a size similar and have even found the FRU (Field Replaceable Unit) guide for the x1700 but cant find any info on a size that would fit.

Is anyone able to shed some light on this for me please?


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  1. They are for sale but they cost a hefty dollar. I think you might want to post WTB threads in some of the better known tech forums out there (TPU, XtremeSystems, and [H]ard come to mind) and/or contact Acer to for info/replacement.
  2. Anyone found a replacement for this yet? I'm in the same situation (somewhat) and am really hoping to find a suitable replacement for the stock PSU
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