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Radeon 5850 vs 6870

can someone tell me which one is better? and what is Gbps vs GHZ because the 5850 is 4Ghz while the 6870 is 1000Mhz (4 Gbps)
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    They're quite close. At stock the 6870 is a bit better, and it had more tesslation units. However, it appears the 6870 can't OC as much because it's already at high clocks while the 5850 can OC a ton.

    Your info is confused. A 5850 has at stock 700mhz core and 1000mhz memory. A 6870 has 900mhz core, 1050mhz memory. Aside from that, there's bandwidth. 5850 has a bandwidth of 128gb/s while the 6870 is 134.4gb/s.

    For more, check this page out:,2776-2.html

    Just FYI, my 5850s at 870/1200 have a bandwidth of 153.6gb/s (according to GPU Z)
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