Replacement Mobo Recommendations

Just thought I'd ask around for some advice. Built a system about a month ago. Here is the current config:

Phenom II X6 1055T
MSI 880GMA-E45
Cooler Master Hyper212+
Mushkin Enhanced Silverline 4GB DDR3 1600
Rosewill Green Series RG630-S12 630W 80+ Certified PSU
Rosewill Challenger case
No Graphics Card
2*1TB Spinpoint F3's in RAID 1

So my problem is this: I've gone through two motherboards in this setup! 1st one died after about an hour of stress testing OC'd to 3.08gHz. RMA'd the board and got a new one. This one also died after about 45 minutes at 3.3gHz. I'm wondering if the 4-pin CPU power supply on the mobo has something to do with my problems. I read some posts citing overclocking problelms with a 4-pin power supply connector on the mobo.

Any recommendations as far as a better overclocking motherboard with similar options as the one I have now? (USB 3.0, HDMI integrated graphics, etc.) Trying to keep it around the same price ($100).

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  1. i think M4A880T-Evo is good has NB850 and 880G chipset, which i think good board for oc'ing....but i think its a little bit over $100....
  2. how 2X broke Mobo.. yeach Ithink Your PSU problem check Rail PSU with multimeter.

    BIOSTAR TA890GXE Ver5.2, VGA HD4290, Usb 2.0, Unlock ACC, price under 100$, socket HDD SATA 3 , this one Mobo Good OC Award Winning Value Inside can get 4.2 Ghz , you can see my OC with OS XP64 & OS Win7 all Stable, temperature Cool vcore 1.52 max 47C although use Local CPU Cooler
    see this My OC
    look my CPU Score 7541 but 3Dmark small because Onboard VGA non OC
  3. Update: No problem with PSU, bought a Gigabyte GA880GA-UD3H and system works great.
  4. Make sure your not grounding out somewhere. Did you put the correct amount of standoffs and in the correct place?
  5. Yeah, there was six screw holes in the mobo and the standoffs were placed correctly. My solution: don't buy anything from MSI!
  6. what is your mobo MSI 880GMA-E45 not good? ... if u don't use this mobo can Ship.. to me ! :D
  7. I think I'll ship it to msi for another rma, then try to sell it on ebay! Try to get a couple bucks out of it. By the time I've paid to ship it twice, I might only lose $50 on it instead of $100!
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