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Hi all,

I was about to get a quad core system a couple of months ago, and after some friends of mine got their hands on i7 rigs, well i changed my mind and held it off for a while. Did some research and this is what ive come up with.
Gigabyte GA-EX58-DS4 -
i7 920
Sapphire 4870 1GB
DDR3 i7 6GB Kit 1333 G.Skill
PSU 750w Apevia Warlock
Coolermaster Centurion RC-590
Pioneer DVR-216BK
3.5" SATA 750GB 32MB Samsung

What do you guys think? I originally wanted to get 4870x2 but then, its sort of overkill so im just going with the 1. And also, what case should i get? Do you think that RC-590 can fit it all? Was originally going to go with antec 900, but it had a hefty price tag, well sort of

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Sorry double post
  2. If you're looking for an alternate motherboard, I would take a look at the ASUS P6T (non-deluxe). It is an outstanding overclocker and a solid value. -

    I would consider the coolermaster rc690 if you're worried about space. I used it on my recent build and I love it. It's also highly recommended on these forums -

    If you plan on overclocking (which I suggest) you should look into an aftermarket CPU cooler. I'll recommend the coolermaster v8 -

    I'm not sure about the quality of that PSU. I've never heard of it and would go with a more reputable brand. You should NEVER skimp on the PSU. If you don't plan on adding another 4870 in crossfire, you don't need 750w. I would suggest corsair -

    I would also suggest this RAM as it's faster than the gskill set and is really cheap right now -

    Samsung has had some problems with their hard drives. You will find that this WD model is the best in the 7200rpm business -
  3. Thanks for the the suggestions. With the p6t are you referring to the deluxe or the notmal one
  4. the normal one. If you can afford it, the deluxe V2 is an outstanding board. I used it in my build.
  5. If i was to chuck in 4870x2, and i would also be overclocking the i7, which psu would you guys reccommend?

    Thanks in advance
  6. Corsair 750tx
  7. Thanks mate. 750w definately enough?

    Dang, in australia its expensive.
  8. 700w would be enough, as long as its from a good brand. Look at PC Power & Cooling, Seasonic, Silverstone or antec to see if you can get a better price. The catch is though that the PSU has to have a 6pin and 8pin connector. I rely heavily on jonny's opinion on PSU's:
  9. Hey, what do you think of this psu
    700W Seasonic M12, Would this be sufficient?
  10. Bueno. Seasonic is one of the best PSU manufacturers out there.
  11. Aren't coolermaster rc590 and coolermaster rc690 the same size? or is 690 bigger, and will 590 fit i7 mobo + 4870x2 in?
  12. The CM 690 is much roomier, but both would be able to fit that, the 590 might require a bit of tweaking like moving the HDD's around. The 690 also has better airflow.
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