SilverStone FT01 fan filter problem

I am considering this excellent case, but it looks like the fan filter on the top intake fan is almost impossible to get out. Can anyone with this case tell me if it is that much of a problem? I don't understand why they designed such a good case and overlooked this detail.
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  1. There is plenty of flex to the filter so that it can be pretty easily removed. Just have to make sure you go straight or it will bind, it takes me less than 5mins to remove clean and reinstall.

  2. Excellent News. How is the airflow through the hard drive cages? I heard some concerns that not much air got through.
  3. I cant say how good the flow is but I can feel air coming through all the drive bays and I have them all occupied. Here is a shot of HWMonitor that shows all my temps (I was defraging so a couple drives were a lil warmer than normal) and a shot of my setup.

  4. Thanks again. Those temps are cooler then my current case Cooler Master Wave Master, which I love but it kind of predates adequate case cooling. I only plan to have 2 maybe 3 drives installed so I should get even more air through.

    I will be picking up this case soon.
  5. If you only plan on 2 or 3 drives you can remove the top drive cage which will allow unrestricted flow from most of the front intake fan.
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