a have an intel e7500 cpu and a asus p5g41-mlx mothther board.
running 4gb 1033mhz ddr2. gt240 1gb gpu and a 5oow power supply.
i overclocked it to 3.5ghz-1.275v. its been runing at 42 degrees on idle
and hits 65degrees at full load.
is this a stable overclock?
also i have a problem with various proceses eating up my cpu
what can i do about it ?
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  1. It's impossible to say if the OC is stable. You'll need to run a CPU stress testing program such as Prime95 or Intel Burn Test to determine the stability of the overclock.

    Temperatures look good, voltage isn't too high. Should be just fine, but again, hard to say.

    Which processes are giving you troubles?
  2. stdrt.exe, and trendmicro
    the programs that are associated with trendmicro are really eating up my cpu.
    as well as stdrt.exe, what is it .
  3. Temps look good, try stress testing it with OCCT.

    stdrt.exe should be removed from the system. try the following link.
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