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Im about to buy a new laptop and want to get the best value. While looking on lenovo's website I found the y550 series idea pads. They seemed like a pretty good deal since I will be doing some light gaming but I noticed that all the builds came with only 1gb of ddr3 ram. I know a lot people recommend 2gbs for vista. I am unfamiliar with ddr3 and wasnt sure if 1gb would be enough for the computer to run fast.
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  1. You can upgrade the ram to as much as 4GB. I would get at least 2GB. Have it upgraded when you buy it. It's not DDR3 that is the issue, 1GB of DDR2 would be the same problem. You really should have 2GB or more.
  2. Funny, because I never like to pay for simple upgrades my original purchase. I always feel that if I can do it, why pay someone so much more just to open up a panel and slide in a stick or two? I always feel like they charge significantly more than DIY.
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