Overclocking I7 920 on Rampage I I Extreme.

Hi I was wondering if someone could share their settings for a good stable 3.6-4.0ghz overclock?
I want to be able to run prime 95 on it for at least 8 hours
Thank you

My system
core i7 920
6gb corsair memory
gtx 285
asus rampage i i extreme
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  1. Hi.

    Overclocking means test-fail and even with the same specs another user can get different OC that yours.

    We can give u some points to star with ur OC but not the exact settings.

    Go to the BIOS, since the i7-920 is locked by multiplier u need oc it from the FSB but doing that u also rise the RAM speed. So the 1st thing is slow down a little the RAM speed and start to rise the FSB u can do it with the stock voltage but keep in mind that in some point u need rise that voltage for get the stable rig.
  2. Thank you.
    I found a really good oc.
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