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I have a Sony Vaio VGN-AR61M (the full HD entertainment one) I have been connecting it to my HD TV VIEWPIA for a while with all going smoothley yet last night I thought about playing a game and using the tv as the screen (Tom Clancy's End War) as it loaded up suddenly the tv went black and said out of range and now everytime I plug my laptop in it says the same thing. Any ideas how to fix this? My current resolution is set to the native 1440 by 900
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  1. When you output to the TV then you are running a different res (1920x1080 - HD). When you fire the game up, it then reverts to the laptop res as output which is 1440x900 and I doubt whether your tv supports that res.

    Best would be to check your tv manual to see what res it supports and then adjust the game to that res.

    As to getting your tv to display again - right click desktop and select properties. Then go to settings, click monitor 2 and adjust the res to 1920x1080. When the game launched it actually made the monitor 2 res = to the game's res.
  2. I shall try that when I get back home later thank you very much for the help!
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